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How it works

Love My Gardener is not a franchise that involves business plans, high financial commitments, heavy policing and promises of financial freedom with no effort. In fact, we are not a franchise!

Instead, you get exclusive leads from our website for your area, manage your cleaning business and get great guidance from us and a community of like minded people.

We divide the UK into locations based around towns and cities which are available as franchised areas.
You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee based upon the number of households in your area starting at £99 + VAT per month.
Keep your area for as long as it works for you and leave whenever you like.

What You Get


High Performing Website

Your section of the website is personalised to you and comfortably converts traffic into exclusive enquiries.

SEO Management

We take care to keep you on the first page of Google to drive traffic to your web pages.


You’ll have a professional email address for client communications and receiving leads.

Social Media Setup

You’ll get a branded Facebook & Instagram account that you can actively manage.


Positive reviews are the lifeblood of any business, so we have a system that effortlessly helps you gather them.


If after three months of your area going live you are not on the first page of Google, you pay nothing.


We have templated letters and scripts for you to use as well as a Facebook community where you can speak with other cleaning entrepreneurs.

Marketing Materials

We have business cards, magnetic vehicle signs, workwear and more at competitive rates, designed and ready to order.

We Attract Clients Who

Have A ‘Can Do’ AttitudeAlthough business ownership experience is not essential, you’ll need a ‘can do’ attitude to take on the responsibility of managing a fast paced business.
Appreciate Brand ValuesThe brand has been created to be friendly yet premium, which your name will be associated with. We expect these values to be respected and upheld.
Manage Their Own Business AffairsWe provide guidance, however, you will be responsible for your own bookkeeping, tax affairs, insurances and staff.

Love My Gardener Success Stories

Love my Gardener really is a great concept that works!

I'd recommend if you decide to sign up, be prepared because it literally can be an overnight success and change your life.

I had just finished a two year training for another profession but wanted to start a cleaning company to earn some extra cash...

I came across Love my cleaner and signed up.. I have not looked back!

My other profession has had to take a back burner for now.

It's great to feel the support in my business from the Love My Gardener team and I also don't have to do any of the background techy stuff I really hate doing!

I can concentrate on my clients and even have some down time too.

tom waller gardener in chelmsford
Tom Waller

Get Started

Working together, you can create a successful business that will transform your life.

Book your discovery call online today.


We’ll chat to see if this is the right opportunity for you.


If you’re happy, start your journey with Love My Gardener.

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