Lawn Mowing Service Services in Clacton-on-Sea

For Homeowners, Landlords and Commercial Properties.

Lawn Mowing Includes

  • One time grass cutting as well as a regular weekly or fortnightly service
  • All lawn mowing equipment is included
  • Grass cuttings are recycled to keep your garden nourished
  • If you have a poor quality lawn, please check out our lawn care services

Our Lawn Mowing Service In Summary

One time lawn mowing

According to the length of your grass, we will advise on the best approach to get great results. This could be two cuts if the grass is excessively long. The cuttings will be disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Regular lawn mowing service

We provide a weekly or fortnightly service, based on your preference and the season. The cuttings can either be responsibly disposed of or kept for composting purposes.

Edges and borders

Not only do we mow your lawn, but we also take care of the edging and borders. If you'd like, we can even install a decorative border to frame your lawn.

Lawn care

We provide lawn care to repair or restore your turf if it is of low quality owing to bare spots, weeds, or diseases. Over-seeding, aeration, top-dressing, and fertilising are some of the treatments we utilise. For more information on our grass maintenance services, please refer to our Lawn Care page.

Lawn Mowing FAQ’s

What do we do with the grass cuttings?

Whereas most people put their grass cuttings in the recycling bin, did you know that it's actually quite good for composting?

Here are the options:

We can leave the short grass cuttings on your lawn

Cutting your grass short will allow the cuttings to quickly decompose and act as fertiliser for your lawn. They contain 4% nitrogen, 2% potassium, and 1% phosphorus. As they break down, they create a food source for good bacteria in the soil that provides a healthy turf environment. Longer grass, on the other hand, should not be allowed to remain on the lawn since it will block out light and have a detrimental influence on your lawn quality. If you have weeds or grass disease in your lawn, clippings should be gathered and disposed of.

Feed your hedges

Grass cuttings aren't just a great fertiliser, they also help prevent weeds. By sprinkling them under your hedges (to a depth of 3-4 cm, avoiding the stems), you can save time and money while keeping the area moisturised.

Compost the grass clippings

Grass clippings provide an endless supply of material for your compost heap. It’s free and a great way to keep your garden nourished season after season.

Protect your plants

Dried grass clippings are a meal for slugs and snails. This will keep them from snacking on your vegetables, it's an environmental win-win. In fact, it’s entirely possible to drastically reduce the green recycling bin usage and keep your garden nourished by recycling your own waste.

How often does my lawn need mowing?

Mowing frequency varies based on your lawn's health and the weather. However, as a rule of thumb, growth is optimal in the spring and autumn; at this time, mowing should be done once a week. Mowing should be done every two weeks during the height of the summer.


Garden Maintenance Reviews

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Put a request on Trust a Trader for a replacement garden gate and received a query within an hour.James was very friendly, listened to my request and knew what I wanted. After sending him a photo he sent a very resonable quote which I accepted.I was kept informed via text or email at all times so knew when they were arriving plus he called the day before to confirmI've asked for them to replace the side door into my garden as I'm extremely pleased with their work, manner and prices
Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller
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