Lawn Mowing Service Services in Chelmsford

For Homeowners, Landlords and Commercial Properties.

Our Service Includes

  • One off cuts as well as a regular weekly or fortnightly service
  • Equipment is included
  • Grass cuttings are disposed of responsibly either on or off site
  • Lawn care services can be offered where appropriate

How Our Lawn Mowing Service Works

One off lawn mowing

Depending on the length of your grass we will advise on the best course of action to get the optimum results. The cuttings will be disposed of in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

Regular lawn mowing

We offer a weekly or fortnightly service depending upon your preference and the season. The cuttings can either be responsibly disposed of or used for composting purposes.

Edges and borders

We take care to maintain the edges and borders as part of the service, and where required we can install decorative borders to frame your lawn.

Lawn care

If you have a poor quality lawn due to bare patches, weeds or diseases, we provide lawn care to combat these issues. These include overseeding, aeration, top-dressing and fertilising. Visit our lawn care page for more information.

Lawn Mowing FAQ’s

Can we make use of the grass cuttings?

We can dispose of the grass cuttings in your recycling bin for the council to take away, but did you know that healthy grass makes excellent compost?

Here are the options:

Leave short grass cuttings on the lawn

Short grass cuttings will quickly break down and fertilise your lawn. They contain 4% nitrogen, 2% potassium and 1% phosphorus. While breaking down they create a food source for good bacteria that live in the soil to provide a healthy turf environment.

Longer grass should not be left on the lawn as it can block out sunlight and have a counterproductive effect on the turf environment.

Also, if you have weeds or any grass disease mixed in, the clippings should be collected and disposed of.

Give some love to your hedges

Not only are grass cuttings an awesome fertiliser, but they have weed defence superpowers. Sprinkle them under your hedges to a depth of 3-4cm, avoiding the stems, and you have a moisturised fertiliser that saves time and money at the same time.

Compost the grass clippings

Grass clippings provide an endless supply of material for your compost heap. It’s free and a great way to keep your garden nourished season after season.

Humane pesticide

Dried out grass clippings look like lunch to your average slug or snail. If this keeps them off your vegetable patch, it’s an environmental win win.

In fact, if you have the imagination, why do you need a green recycling bin at all?

How often does my lawn need mowing?

This depends on how well your lawn grows and the weather conditions. However, as a general rule, growth is best during spring and autumn; weekly mowing is recommended. During the height of the summer, fortnightly mowing is recommended.


Garden Maintenance Reviews

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Put a request on Trust a Trader for a replacement garden gate and received a query within an hour.James was very friendly, listened to my request and knew what I wanted. After sending him a photo he sent a very resonable quote which I accepted.I was kept informed via text or email at all times so knew when they were arriving plus he called the day before to confirmI've asked for them to replace the side door into my garden as I'm extremely pleased with their work, manner and prices
Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller
10:48 27 Oct 21
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