Garden Maintenance in Chelmsford

Garden maintenance for all seasons.

Our Service Includes

  • Weeding and maintenance of garden beds
  • Strimming and hedge cutting
  • Tree pruning & maintenance
  • Lawn mowing & lawn care
  • Seasonal work such as leaf clearing and planting

How Our Garden Maintenance Service Works

We offer cyclical garden maintenance service for all seasons to keep your garden looking its best and enjoyed throughout the year.

Defining the work

We offer a weekly or fortnightly service depending upon your preference and the season. The cuttings can either be responsibly disposed of or used for composting purposes.

Building a schedule

Your garden is an ever changing landscape throughout the year.

In spring, everything is bursting into life and in the late autumn it can be covered in leaves and during the winter, moss and algae can take hold.

This of course means that the type of work we do varies, and along with that, so can the time.

Delivering the service

To deliver the service we will arrange the schedule of work along with the hours and a regular day and time we will attend.

We can arrange access to the property with you and any utilities that we may need (e.g. water).

The Benefits Of Your Garden In Chelmsford Being Maintained

Having a well maintained garden has many benefits for you, your property and the environment:

Mental health benefits

A beautifully maintained garden can be therapeutic for our mental health. More time spent in the garden with friends, family or simply reading a book and relaxing means we can calm the noise in our head, be exposed to fresh air and enjoy a slice of nature at the same time.

Exercise at home

Your well maintained and laid out garden can be the perfect place to do yoga, do a HIIT class or use an outdoor exercise machine. You’ll be breathing in lung fulls of fresh air and improving your health.

Adding value to your property

A well maintained garden not only gives your property a greater curbside appeal, but it will increase the sale value of your property.

Interested buyers will be able to visualise the benefits of living at your property and will increase their desire to buy it and increase the amount they are willing to pay.

Environmental benefits

A well maintained garden will help the natural wildlife that supports the ecosystem we live in. Bees can pollinate plants, birds will visit your garden all the way down to the worms that help naturally cultivate your soil.

Entertaining family and friends

There is nothing better than spending the long summers days in the garden with family and friends. A well maintained garden will provide the perfect environment for you to do this with pride.

Garden Maintenance FAQ’s

How is the cost of the work calculated?

Garden maintenance work in Chelmsford is calculated on an hourly basis.

During various stages of the year, the workload will vary depending on what we are doing.

Our services cover most forms of outdoor maintenance.

What if more time is required?

In some instances, the work may take longer than expected (e.g. weather related) or there may be additional requests. If this is the case, and we have availability, we will stay longer on the job with your agreement.

If not, we will agree to come back another time, or pick up the work during our next visit.

Is Lawn Care part of Garden Maintenance

The answer is that we can take care of lawn care. However, this service is typically seasonal and time for this service will need to be separately scheduled.

Is green waste disposal included in the price?

Initially we will use any available space in your agreed waste bin or compost area as agreed by you. The first 120 litres of green waste will be removed inclusively. After this we charge a fee for disposing of green waste for you.

Will you need any of my gardening tools or equipment?

No, we supply all our own tools and equipment for your garden maintenance needs in Chelmsford.


Garden Maintenance Reviews

From Delighted Love My Gardener Customers
Put a request on Trust a Trader for a replacement garden gate and received a query within an hour.James was very friendly, listened to my request and knew what I wanted. After sending him a photo he sent a very resonable quote which I accepted.I was kept informed via text or email at all times so knew when they were arriving plus he called the day before to confirmI've asked for them to replace the side door into my garden as I'm extremely pleased with their work, manner and prices
Lesley Miller
Lesley Miller
10:48 27 Oct 21
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